When you live off the grid (or are preparing to make your move), setting up your solar system is never simple. There are so many variables to take into account, and the people selling it to you often just want to sell it! 

Most information out there is either awfully technical, or it's all about building a DIY system from scratch. This webinar and e-book are none of this; it's a complete breakdown of everything you need to know about solar - but simple and to the point at the same time. And it's guaranteed free of any mansplaining. 

We created a webinar AND an e-book about getting started with off-grid solar. The webinar paints a rough picture; the e-book contains more details, calculation examples, links to useful websites and even a spreadsheet and printable template so you can calculate your own solar system. 

There's two parts to both the webinar and the e-book: the first part is about calculating your system, the second part is about the parts of an off-grid solar system. 

[Edit: there is a mistake in the "calculate your needs" bit of the webinar - we will need to record it again, with the correct formula. This is not an issue in the e-book, as we had caught the mistake before publishing it. For now though, please bear with us until we've had time to re-record it!]