How about a holiday with an extra? Simple Living Holidays are your chance to (figuratively) kill two birds with one stone. I have joined hands with 4 local families (all managing a permaculture homestead or small scale farm) to offer an immersion holiday. Starting in March of 2017, we offer workshops, courses and tours that will introduce you to our way of living: from permaculture to ayurveda, from wildlife watching to making goats cheese, from making wine to harvesting olives. You have the option of a farm stay & immersion "Simple Living Holiday" - in that case you'd stay at either Masia Katmandu, Mas del Encanto or Mas del Pi and attend workshops during your stay. Or you can stay at a place of your choosing in the area and hand pick the activities you'd like to participate in. Some activities are perfect for doing with children, while others are aimed at adults wanting to learn a particular skill. 

We currently offer the following workshops:

  • A day at Little Herd Farm: making goats cheese & guided tour of the homestead. Dan and Mellissa keep chickens, goats, ponies, sheep, pigs, rabbits... and a toddler. €85,- for the day, including a simple lunch & your own goat's cheese to take home. Available from June 2017 on. 
  • Aromatherapy & Ayurveda at Kurkum Farm: Rekha will introduce you to Ayurveda and help you discover what food types and activities are good for you. After lunch, you'll learn all about aromatherapy and fragrances (not) to blend for the perfect result. Includes your own massage oil to take home. All year round. € 75,- for the day, including a delicious organic vegetarian lunch. 
  • Chicken 101: different ways to house and feed chickens, how to make sure they lay you nice eggs (and what to do if they don't), how to hatch and raise them, how to use them to make your garden more productive. At Mas del Encanto, all year round. 2 hours workshop; € 20,- per person, including a snack and a beverage afterwards. All year round, starting March 2017. 
  • Permaculture 101: introduction to permaculture and theory & guided visit to an established permaculture property. All year round, starting April 2017. Half day workshop, € 45,- per person (including a snack, tea and / or water). 
  • Making wine at Mas del Pi: this 40 hectare farm has about 5 hectares (15 acres) of vineyards, and Kristin and Sigfredo make their own wine. Help with the process, from harvesting the grapes to putting them in the caskets... Only in September-October. Includes a bottle of last year's wine. 
  • Making olive oil: harvest olives with us, and come with us to a local "cooperativa" where you can see how olive oil is actually getting made. Includes a bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil. Only in November-December. 

We accept Furas (the local alternative currency), and we're happy to give discounts to locals and / or people staying at one of our accommodations. Please contact us for information.  

Other possibilities include

  • Natural building workshop: dry wall with stone from the land, building with adobe (earth building)
  • Off-grid technology workshop 
  • Personal consults: Ayurveda consult, massage, permaculture design consult, help setting up your own project,... 
  • Pruning fruit and nut trees: overview of different ways and techniques, and your chance to get some hands-on experience
  • Tours and hikes in Els Ports national park
  • Baking: baking bread & baking from scratch
  • Wildlife: bird watching, visit to the vulture observatory, wildlife photography workshop, expedition to find ibex
  • Composting and fertilising for the vegetable garden
  • Cooking: Ayurveda cooking, preserving produce from the land (canning & drying), cooking healthy, organic, local and seasonal meals from scratch 
  • Meditation and Hatha Yoga 
  • Horse riding, cycling (both recreational and mountain biking), motorbiking, canyoning, rock climbing

More dates and prices will be announced in the course of the next few months. 

 Simple Living Holidays: sharing the lifestyle

With the Simple Living Holidays, you'll be sharing our lives for a few days. You will sit with us at lunch and we'll tell you all about what we do, why we do it and how we do it; you can join us for cooking and baking, hear about everything going on here. And if that's not enough, you can go for a personal consult - whether you'd like an Ayurveda consult, a massage or getting some advise about a permaculture design or making (small or big) changes to your lifestyle. 

Simple Living Holidays will take place between September and December 2017, and include workshops at Little Herd farm, Kurkum farm, Mas del Pi and Mas del Encanto - and a stay at Masia Katmandu. 
Price for a Simple Living Holiday starts at € 659,- per person for a full week (Saturday to Saturday). This includes all meals and drinks, accommodation and workshops. Extras do apply (single occupancy of a bedroom, taxi service, extra workshops or classes) and discounts are possible (families and groups, car-sharing), please e-mail for a quote.

If you're interested in a Simple Living Holiday, please fill in a pre-registration form - we will keep you updated and let you know all about upcoming holidays. 
If you're interested in a single workshop, please e-mail
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