Power Half Hour with DIY-man

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2017-04-08 16.20.52 solar.jpg

Power Half Hour with DIY-man


A 30 minutes meeting or call to talk about your own off-grid project - from electricity to water, from heating to cooking (and more). Click on the picture for more info! 

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Get custom advice on your own off-grid project

Would you like to get off the grid, but are you feeling lost between super-technical information and all those websites about doing it all yourself? Are the only people who can give you sound advice, also trying to sell you their products? 

Axel Ferwerda (aka DIY-man) has extensive experience researching, negotiating and acquiring our off-grid system, and loves to help others on their journey as well. From solar power to water storage and from heating to cooking - all of the aspects of our house (and their options and alternatives) have been researched thoroughly before implementing them.

Axel's professional background is in automatic control engineering, but off-grid systems are now his passion. 

With a "Power Half Hour", you get a half hour consult with Axel - in real life, on the phone, or through WhatsApp or Skype. Half an hour with a guy who has done it all before could save you time, money and a lot of energy researching your own system. 

If applicable, the Power Half Hour includes follow-up - we'll send you links to websites, systems or tools that were discussed during the call. 

How does it work? 

Apply for the "Power Half Hour" with Axel by filling out the form and paying the contribution. That contribution will go towards writing our own book on going off the grid - we'll make sure to contact you before it comes out and give you a discount, if you helped us making it a reality! 

Within 24 hours after applying, you'll get an e-mail from us in which we'll offer you options to make an appointment. Whatever time zone you live in, there's always some kind of overlap. 

The Power Half Hour can take place in real life if you live locally (or if we happen to be near you some time soon); if not, it can happen on the phone, by WhatsApp, Skype or others if you prefer. Just let us know what works for you! 

If you'd like more than just a Power Half Hour... let's start with that; during the PHH we can discuss how we could better help you get your project up and running. 

Please note that we are in no way affiliated with any power / water / heating or other companies regarding off-grid living and systems; a Power Half Hour will be unbiased and we won't try to sell you anything!