Permaculture, Animals & Gardening

Permaculture is a set of design principles centred around living well while living in a sustainable way; it stands for "permanent culture" or "permanent agriculture". It often means finding a way to work with nature instead of against it; it entails observing our surroundings and mimicking patterns found in nature to (basically) live in abundance with as little work as possible. Yes, we love permaculture because we're lazy. Another reason why we love permaculture, is because it incorporates different elements into a property - plants and trees, ponds and water catchments, and different kinds of animals. 
I have a Permaculture Design Certificate which I got online in 2014; now we've moved to Spain, I'm trying to put it into practice. The one thing we've learned so far is that although permaculture might be for lazy people once a property is established, sowing the seeds and planting the trees is all a lot of work... Thankfully, it's the kind of work we love.