Olive oil, pre-sale


Olive oil, pre-sale

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The extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil - harvest of 2017 is now available in pre-sale.

Order between now and February 17th, and you can pick it up either at Mas del Encanto - or at our pickup points in Schoten (near Antwerp) and Amsterdam. 

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Note: it's currently only possible to order olive oil to collect in Spain! If you're on the mailing list, we will let you know next time we come to Belgium & the Netherlands for delivery. 

Olives in the main batch are from 

  • Mas del Encanto (Lledo)
  • Casa Marhaba (Cretas)
  • Masia Katmandu (Cretas)
  • John & Jenny (Arens de Lledo)

None of us has been spraying any chemicals or done anything else that would influence the taste or the quality of the olive oil. The olives are all Empeltre (non-empeltre olive trees on the properties were harvested separately), and the olive oil delicious! 

Read more about the olive harvest of 2017 in this blog post

Your prepayment will allow us to acquire the necessary bottles and bottling equipment. 

If enough olive oil is left over after our trip to the low lands at the end of February, it can be available to be shipped to your home. If you'd like us to keep a bottle or two on the side and ship it anyway, please send us an e-mail