Are you looking for a personal / virtual assistant? 

After working as an executive assistant and receptionist for over ten years, I started my own personal & virtual assistant business. My company is based in the Netherlands (as that was where I lived when I started out), but one of the best things about my job is that I can do it from just about anywhere. If you're looking for somebody to manage your schedule or your travels, set up a project or event with or for you, or for somebody to help you out temporarily when there's just so much going on... Maybe I'm the one you're looking for. I also do translations - from English or French to Dutch, and from Dutch or French to English. I also speak some (basic) Spanish. 
Any questions? Send me an e-mail on . 

Are you looking for an extra pair of hands for your blog? 

Are you setting up or do you already have a blog, and are there just not enough hours in a day? I can help you write content, help spread the word on social media, brainstorm with you on planning and strategy, or whatever you could use some help with right now. 
Want to know more? E-mail me on

Would you like to work with me on events or courses in Matarranya? 

We're working on organising courses, camps and vacations for different audiences in our area. Matarranya is unique, in that older locals and traditional farming is making place for younger newcomers and alternative techniques. Permaculture, regenerative agriculture, alternative currencies, organic farming and production of ecological specialties (olive oil, cosmetics, almond products, wine, jams and marmelades and much more) are booming and we love to share what we know. 
Currently working on a page listing what we can already offer - if you'd like to get in touch about this, please e-mail 

Do you represent a brand or product you'd like me to share on my blog? 

If you offer a product or brand that fits into the theme of my blog (living off the grid, simple living and growing our own food in Matarranya, Spain) and you think it would resonate with our readers, don't hesitate to contact me at .