Are you looking for a personal assistant? 

After working as an executive assistant and receptionist for over ten years, I started my own personal & virtual assistant business. One of the best things about my job is that I can do it from just about anywhere.

Are you looking for somebody to set up appointments, manage your schedule or book your travels? I do this with care and precision, and exactly the way you like it. 
Do you need help setting up a project or event? I set up my first event when I was twelve years old - it was a three day pony camp. We only had two ponies for twelve people, but we had fun! 
Do you need somebody to help you out temporarily, when there's just so much going on? I am flexible, I learn new things very fast, and I'm very efficient once I figured out what needs to be done. 
I can set up presentations, translate  (English to Dutch or French, and Dutch to French or English), or help you out with whatever you need on a moment's notice. 

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Need a Facebook consultant, a virtual assistant for your blog or somebody to manage online platform? 

Are you setting up or do you already have a blog, and do you find there just aren't enough hours in a day? I can add extra hours, an extra pair of eyes and hands. 
Do you have a Facebook page that needs a reboot or a makeover - or are you planning to start a Facebook page? I rock at Facebook, and I recently took a course that made me really passionate about helping other people rocking at Facebook too. 
Do you need help writing content, managing your social media accounts, brainstorm with you on planning and strategy, setting up images? 

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Do you represent a product you'd like me to write about? 

Simple Living in Spain is a fast-growing blog geared towards a well-defined target audience: people living in rural Spain, and people aspiring to take the leap towards this amazing lifestyle. If you offer a product or brand that fits into the theme of my blog (living off the grid; simple living and growing our own food; dogs, chickens and alpacas) and you think it would resonate with our readers, don't hesitate to contact me at