Learn more about living off the grid in Spain  

Get in touch

My e-mail address is sandrine@simplelivingspain.com - and I'm always happy to get e-mails! Feel free to ask anything you'd like, I'm almost an open book. 

If you'd like a more specific call about off-grid systems, DIY-man is your guy. You can set up a meeting with him (online or in real life) here.   

Come and share a piece of cake in good company

We organise regular "Coffee & Cake" gatherings on Thursday mornings at 11. Everybody's welcome to join us - whether you've been living here for ages, live a few hours from here, or are just visiting. I ask 1€ per person for the coffee & cake. Weather, work and guests permitting, you can also get a tour! (if you'd like a tour anyway, please contact us in advance). 

To know when our next Coffee & Cake meeting is, you can subscribe to the mailing list - or check Mas del Encanto's Facebook page

Stay with us

You can either come and stay with us: 

  • In our guest house, which is on the lower floor of our house - but completely independent from it. It has 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, a sitting room with kitchenette and a covered gallery to sit down and enjoy the views - and will host up to 6 people. It's also possible to get full breakfast with us - or buy home made bread, fresh eggs and other produce. 
  • The maset is where we lived before our big house was finished. It's a renovated stable with running water and its own solar system; the composting toilet and sun-heated shower are one terrace down. This is for you if you really want to go back to basics! 

You can find more information about staying here on the Mas del Encanto website

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I write for a small but active and engaged niche, mostly people who are taking the first steps towards a simple life - others are peers who took the big leap already... My Facebook page reaches thousands of people every week. Would you like to make good use of that? 

Let's talk - e-mail me at sandrine@simplelivingspain.com