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Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - see how others do it
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Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - See how others do it

A video visit to off-grid homes in Spain

Every month, we visit one person / couple / family living off the grid in Spain. We get a tour of their property, listen to their story, see what they're up to right now, ask them all the questions we've ever wanted to ask them... and we share the video with you. 

Later that month, we set up a live video session with them - you get to join us (live!) and ask them all the questions you wanted to ask after watching the video. 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - Workshop, classes and webinars

Lean from people who are doing it

Once a month, we dive deep into one specific topic.

From chain saw maintenance to raising children off the grid and from building a tiny home to pruning and harvesting olives - we get experts to share their knowledge and wisdom, so you can start your off-grid life well-equipped.

You can watch the video any time that suits you - and access the extra resources (PDF downloads, e-books or other extras) for as long as you're a member. 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - Q&A sessions

Get an answer to your FAQs - and to less frequently asked questions

Our team is there to answer all your questions. Ask a question in the group and we'll either answer it directly - or make a short video about it.

We also host live Q&A sessions in the group. 

Or maybe your question can inspire us to dedicate next month's workshop to this topic? 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - Meet others online

Join the Sunny Simple Off-Grid Living community

When you join Sunny Simple Off Grid Living, you become part of an exclusive community of like-minded people. We get to support each other as we're facing expected or unexpected challenges, cheer each other on as we overcome yet another hurdle towards the big dream - and celebrate each others' wins, of course! 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - 1:1 support

Get personal help and support

If your question is of a more private matter or you'd like someone to chat with 1:1, we can set you up with someone to help you out. Maybe a phone or video call, or a "real life" appointment? 1:1 support depends on the character of your question, and the availability of the people you need to talk to. 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - Access to all of the resources

Get access to everything in the resource barn

After we've recorded a masterclass, shared our resources, posted a video,... we will store it in the resource barn. As a member, you get 24/7 access to all of these resources; you can watch the videos, download the e-books and access the promotions or other links at any time.  

Sunny Simple Off-Grid Living - get featured!

Care to share your experiences?

If you're a member and you're living off the grid or have any kind of related expertise, we would of course love to feature you! Whether you'd like to share your knowledge in a workshop or masterclass, or share your story and your project when we visit you, we love to share what our members have already accomplished. 

If you're willing to share what you know and / or have done so far, do get in touch! 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - live events

Live Events in Spain

Hey, it's only a dream right now, but we'd love to organise live events with and for our members. Real life workshops, meet & greets, expert speakers, physical visits to off-grid homesteads and more... If or when enough of our members would like to attend one of these, we're setting it up! 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - what is it?

Yes... what is it?

Sunny Simple Off-Grid Living is a community of and for people living off the grid. We focus mainly on living off grid in Spain, but are of course open to members from other countries as well. 

We're setting this up as a membership - you pay a fee; it's renewable monthly. This means you can join for just one month, or for as long as you'd like. 

In return, you get access to all the content we create - and to us, as we're always happy to answer questions! 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - how does it work?

How does it work & what do I get?

As soon as you become a member, you get full access to all our resource archive + the videos and resources of that month. 

Your membership renews automatically for a year, but you can stop it at any time. 

At this moment (set-up period) we work mainly with Facebook. As a member, you get invited to join the closed Facebook group, where you can access all of the resources. If requested, we can host the videos and resources elsewhere as well. 

For a start, we will organise one (online) event every week: a video featuring an off-grid project in Spain, a workshop or webinar, a live Q&A session or a deep dive into a related topic. 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - is this for me?

Who is this membership for? 

Sunny Simple Off-Grid Living is for you if you either live off the grid, or have plans to move to a more remote location in Spain. 

We are open to people of all origins, political or religious persuasions; if you're not living in Spain or can't make the move right now (maybe you're waiting for your children to grow up?), you're still welcome to join!

We do not proclaim there is only one "right" way to live off the grid.
Whether living off the grid, to you, means not being connected to mains water and electricity - or living off the beaten path - or taking a step back from society, we're happy to have you with us and share your stories and questions with other members. 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - join now for the beta run

Become a founding member!

We are opening the cart for a first run in April 2018; if you're reading this, you can become a founding member of Sunny Simple Off-Grid Living. This means you get to shape the face of our future off-grid living club with us: you tell us what you want and what you need, and we'll do our best to build it. For you, and for the members who'll join us afterwards.

At this moment, nothing is set in stone; our first goal is to *help* people to achieve what we have, and we're happy to put in the time and the effort, but we're even happier to hear what you'd actually expect from us. 

You get to tell us the type of content you'd like or not watch, the topics you want to know more about, the courses and classes we need in order to help more people. 

If you join now, you also get a nice discount - the amount you pay now, is also the amount you'll keep paying if you decide to stay a member after that first month. 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - how much does it cost?

How much does a membership cost?

If you join Sunny Simple Off Grid Living now (in March 2018), it will cost you € 7,-. You can decide to leave after that first month. If you stay a member after that, you will only pay those € 7,- for the remainder of your membership. 

The membership cart will close on March 31st at midnight CET. After that, it will remain closed for a bit; that way, we'll be able to build and shape everything behind the scenes, concentrating on supporting our current members at 100%, and working on creating great content for them. And maybe for you as well? 

If you join in later, the membership price will be slightly higher - currently predicted at € 11,- per month. About the price of a three course meal in many areas of Spain. 

You can cancel your membership at any time. You will stay a member for the remainder of that month (you can't get a part of your 7€ back, sorry) but won't be charged for the next month. 

So what's keeping you from joining up? It'll cost you less than a sandwich + a coffee in many European countries!

How can you join the Sunny Simple Off-Grid Living community? 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - how can I join?
  • Until March 28th: clicking the button will get you subscribed to our waiting list. We'll send you an e-mail with a few questions, just so we know what your expectations are. As soon as we have 10 people interested in joining, it's a go! 
    In that case, you'll get an e-mail on March 29th with the link to the sign-up form. 
  • From March 29th to March 31st, we open the cart for our very first "founding members". As a founding member, you'll get the chance to shape this community with us - and you'll get access to everything for that same (extremely) monthly fee as long as you stay a member. 
  • We close the cart on March 31st at midnight. If you would like to join the club in April or May, it won't be available. You can still get onto the waiting list though, so you'll get a notification when we reopen. We won't decide to reopen until we're sure everything is in place: we'll implement feedback from our members, record video workshops and classes and set up all the systems to present you with a life-changing experience. 

Sunny Simple Off Grid Living - Who's on the team?

Who's behind Sunny Simple Off-Grid Living?

Last but not least... meet the team! 

At this moment, we're a team of two: we're Axel & Sandrine, and we live off the grid in Matarranya, Aragon, Spain (right next to the border with Catalunya).

We hope we'll be able to expand the team pretty soon though; if you feel you have something to bring to the table (and don't require much in return), do feel free to e-mail us! 

At this moment, this is a work of love: we're passionate about helping people making the same transition we made, and we hope we'll be able to help more people this way. For now, all proceedings will go towards setting up systems & creating content.