Living off the grid in Spain - the community

Do you live off the grid in Spain, or do you have plans to make the move some time sooner or later? Then join our Facebook group - "Living off the grid in Spain". 

Share your wins and your frustrations, learn how others set up their solar system or hot water, join in on live broadcasts from one of our off-grid members and so much more. 

All you need to join, is a Facebook account. And the rules are simple: be kind, and don't spam! 

We ask you a few questions when you join - partly to satisfy our own curiosity, partly so we know where you're at in your off-grid journey - and so we know (or can try and guess) what stuff you'd be most interested in. You don't have to answer these questions though, if you don't want to share that information with us. 

Join the group, get involved, ask your questions, share your stories - see you there!