How much does it cost to move off the grid?

How much does it cost to move off the grid and start a new and more self-sufficient life? Find out on

If you want to make a big change towards a more self-sufficient life and maybe even start living off the grid, one of the main questions on your mind will be your budget. How much does it actually cost to start the life you're dreaming about? 

This is not a full blog post - it's a recording of the life chat I had on January 26th on my Facebook page, Sunny Simple Living

In this video, I show off the "roadmap to self-sufficiency" DIY-man drew for me, and talk about all the financial hurdles on the way there. 

  • Buying a property
  • Getting permits and paying for related services 
  • Budgeting infrastructure, tools and machinery, a garden, animals,... 
  • Your own costs of living (and travel?), while you're waiting for or working on your house
  • All the small things that amount to a lot 

And much more... 

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