Taking a Sunday

Today is Saturday. I know that, because I’m currently on my computer and my computer tells me what day it is. If it didn't, I would have no idea; all days are the same on the homestead. We wake up, do chores, I do a bit of computer work, clean up and cook lunch, clean up some more and work some more, maybe help Axel with a job or go see to my veggie garden, sometimes make dinner (sometimes dinner is just leftovers), check my to-do list and maybe watch a video or series and before I know it it’s time for bed again. Every. Single. Day. Some days, there’s a surprise activity like going to the shop or visiting a friend - most days are just spent here at the farm though, unless we need to go to a faraway city for shopping. 

I can work anywhere, anytime. With the help of farm dogs Jabba & Jinx, of course. 

I can work anywhere, anytime. With the help of farm dogs Jabba & Jinx, of course. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love this life. I get to choose what I do and when I do it, I live in an astonishingly beautiful part of the world, and I share this life with the love of my life. Wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. 
However, there’s always a thousand things to do. The garden tugs at me constantly - I should have planted that yesterday, could have weeded it last week, would have bought seeds last month. The house work seems never ending - we can’t go a day without eating, can we? And on any given day, we might just get surprise visitors - chances are they’ll drop by just after a 48 hour baking marathon (check, that was last Sunday). And then there’s work - I own my own business as a personal / virtual assistant, and it’s so easy to just do the work on the spot - if a client sends me an e-mail on a Sunday, there is no reason for me not to reply immediately. 

Many people might think that now we live in Spain, we’re on permanent vacation; I certainly think we have a much nicer life than we used to (if only for the nearly-daily presence of the sun). The drawback is that since we don’t have to go to work (work is just outside the door… or at this side of it, just as often), we get to work every day, at all times. And sometimes we just need a break. 
Three weeks into the new year, this is my New Year’s Resolution. From now on, I will take a day off every two weeks (doing it every week seems a bit much to start with). A “Sunday”, as it were. Probably not on an actual Sunday (there’s EcoVida activities on Sunday, like the exchange market and the monthly permablitz), but I will find the perfect day for it. It could be a Saturday - or any other day. I might fail at it miserably and end up checking tasks off my to-do list… I hope I won’t. 

Maybe I’ll go for a walk in the mountains. Maybe I’ll do some yoga. Maybe get a massage. Maybe take a bit more time to read (reading this amazing book now, “Five Acres and Indepencence”, probably more to come on that later). Whichever activity (or lack of it) I choose, I will take a Sunday. I’m sure of it. Someday soon.