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I write about our simple life because I love writing, and I love sharing our lifestyle and helping other people on their way to a happier and healthier life as well. This website is a work of love - but the costs of learning about blogging & maintaining the website, Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest account can't be paid in love (unfortunately). 

That is why I am now an affiliate of certain companies. This means that if you, dear reader, buy something with one of these companies (after using my link), I get a few cents for sending you to them. And hopefully, a few cents here and there can amount to the maintenance costs of my blog with time... 

I'm an affiliate for companies I use and trust, and courses I use or have used myself and can absolutely recommend. And (again), you pay exactly the same amount if you use my link, as if you go to the website directly... 

These are the companies I work with: (US / International) (UK) (Spain)  

Ecolonomic Action Team - I am a founder's member and enjoy the gigantic resource library whenever I want to learn something new about chickens, alpacas, sustainable farming, sustainable economics and much more. 

Blogger Blueprint - Jill Winger (of The Prairie Homestead) set up this all-round course for starting (homestead) bloggers, which really helped me get my blog up and running. I re-watch the course from time to time and keep using it to optimise my blog and social media. 

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