I'm leading a simple life in Spain. Join me!

Hi! I'm Sandrine. I'd love to take you with me on my big adventure here in Aragon, Spain. We live off the grid and try to be as self-sufficient as possible. We have olive and almond trees, a few fruit trees and a vegetable garden; we keep chickens for eggs and we're expecting our first alpacas soon. We often work with volunteers to get bigger projects done, and there are always more projects on the way... In our free time, you can find us in the kitchen or in the garden - we both love good, fresh food. Homesteading is what we do, we call our philosophy simple living.

We also have a small bed & breakfast called Mas del Encanto

Check out my blog to see all the crazy ideas and projects crossing our paths. Whether you're (secretly?) thinking about switching to a more simple life, or you've already taken the leap and want a sneak peak of how we do it... This page is for you!  

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I write about our journey towards self-sufficiency, living off the grid, building up a new life and so much more. 

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